Tuesday, July 29, 2014

29th July Kathleen Krull (1952)

Kathleen Krull's name appears in my library quite a lot at this time of the year because it is when Year 2 and I are completing a wide-reading contract using picture book biographies and Kathleen Krull seems to specialise in writing biographies so I was pleased to learn that today was her birthday.
Two of her biographies are included in the contract.  We have others of her biographies but I especially like these two because they are very relevant to my students' lives.

They are:
The Boy on Fairfield Street (the story of a young Ted Geisel aka Dr Seuss)
The Boy Who Invented TV (the story of Philo Farnsworth)

Some quotes I would share with my students from Kathleen's own biography would be ...
"When I was fifteen, I was fired from my part-time job at the library. The reason? Reading too much--while I was supposed to be working." 

"As a child I thought books were the most important thing in the world, and that perception is actually more intense now. I’m grateful, for so many reasons, to be able to work in a vital and exhilarating field: preserving literacy. One of the benefits of the writing life is that I can't be fired. Especially for reading too much."