Thursday, February 18, 2016

18th February Pamela Zagarenski

Today at school I put one of my favourite poetry books out on display, Red Sings From  Treetops. It is a favourite because its illustrator, Pamela Zagarenski is one of my top 10 favourite illustrators. And then tonight when I checked the blogs I follow I saw that it was her birthday today. Thank you Eric at Happy Birthday Author. If you do not know her work you must go to the library immediately and check out these three books. Her illustrations are superb. Her newest book, The Whisper,  Pamela both wrote and illustrated, the first of hopefully many books. It is on a theme close to my heart, the joy of reading.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

7th February Ballet Day

One website says that today is Ballet Day and whether it is a worldwide celebration or not it is a good excuse to think about ballet and all the wonderful picture books that celebrate this form of dance. The relatively new biography Swan  by Laurel Snyder and Julie Morstad is a stunning example of just how special a picture book can be. This book tells the story of Anna Palova's childhood and her journey to prima ballerina.

"As graceful in both visual and written line as the dancer it portrays, it is unrelenting in its depiction of work, inspiration and generosity."--Esme Codell, The Planet Esme Plan

For more ballet picture books to match to your readers see this pinterest collection.