Monday, September 26, 2011

27th September Bernard Waber (1921-2013) Paul Goble (1933) Martin Handford (1956) G.Brian Karas (1957)

A big day for birthdays. I wrote about Bernard Waber last year, but want to remind everyone about how good Courage is.

English-born American Paul Goble is the author illustrator of the Caldecott Award winner The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses and many other beautifully illustrated books.

Martin Handford is the English illustrator who is responsible for the publishing phenomenon Where's Wally?

And G(eorge). Brian Karas is an American illustrator who I discovered because of Clever Jack Takes the Cake, a wonderfully original fairytale by Candace Fleming. Then I went looking in the library and found more of his work and realised that On Earth and Throw Your Tooth on the Roof, two of my favourite books are also illustrated by him.

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