Thursday, January 5, 2012

6th January

I am not a grandma and I am not a particularly good cook either, but I love this book. To me it combines worthwhile, achievable recipes with the best kind of illustrated picture book. It is such a quality production! My Grandma's Kitchen is written by Louise Fulton Keats. She is the granddaughter of the legendary Australian cook, Margaret Fulton. All Australians my age and younger would have sat down to a meal inspired by a Margaret Fulton recipe or cookbook. This is a beautiful book, with exquisite endpapers and 'scrapbook-like' artwork by illustrator Michelle Mackintosh. When I bought a copy for the library it was a long time before it made it to the shelves for borrowing. Various members of staff took it home to ponder over and cook from and then when it finally went home with mothers or children, the mothers brought it back saying that they had been to buy their own because they wanted it for longer or they still wanted to try...and didn't want to photocopy too much.

I have been thinking about this book again today because I read the blog, Playing by the Book as I do regularly, and the author, Zoe had been cooking with her girls. She asked about good cookbooks for children and I wanted to tell her about this one.

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  1. And *thankyou* for telling me about it - i see it is published by the same publisher as the cookbook I liked today on the blog, AND that there is a followup coming out (at least in UK) later this year