Monday, July 9, 2012

10th July Teddy Bears' Picnic Day and more soup.

Some sites say that today is Teddy Bears' Picnic Day. I have written about teddy bears before and haven't come across any new books that I feel compelled to write about. However this day exists because of the song The Teddy Bears Picnic. This song started life as a tune, just the music written in 1907 by American John Bratton. Then in 1907, Irish lyricist Jimmy Kennedy was asked to write lyrics for the tune for a children's pantomime that was planned for a performance in London. The song has appeared in picture book format over the years. Michael Hague's version which is still in print is probably the best known.

Yesterday I chanced upon another soup book while browsing in a book shop on my way home from the ALEA conference. It is called Soup For One and is written and illustrated by Ethan Long, someone whose work I am not familiar with. However this book is fun and I can see myself reading it with my preschool classes because it has plenty of opportunity for them to join in. It has counting. It has rhyme and onomatopoeia. All of this and humour!

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