Thursday, November 15, 2012

16th November World Button Day

Today is World Button Day. Imagine what our life would be like without buttons. How different our clothes would be. It seems to me that they have a higher profile than ever. Now they are used for decorative purposes as much as for utilitarian purposes. So many greeting cards, artworks, book illustrations incorporate them as part of the collage, and yet now I am at home sitting at my computer I am having trouble thinking of some. I know I covered a book this week with a big button on the cover! What was it?

After cooking dinner and scanning back through the week, I've remembered. Thumbelina by Lucy M George. The story has nothing to do with buttons, but right there on the cover are buttons, enough to send you looking for buttons to do collage with children or sewing buttons onto things.

Since writing about buttons last year, I have also added these two 'button' books to the collection.
Pete the Cat and his Groovy Buttons like all the other Pete the Cat titles has become a favourite with my preschoolers and who wouldn't like to have a pocket full of magic buttons like the witch in Witchety Sticks and the Magic Buttons?


  1. Ed in the wonderful book A friend like Ed has a terrific button collection. I relate to him because he sorts all the things in his collections into boxes with labels. I recently acquired my grandmother and mother's button collections which I had added to my own. I now have a very tall spaghetti jar filled with buttons! Once I even made three little cross stitch buttons with a Peter Rabbit design. I am guessing you mentioned Button Boy last year. I am thrilled to read about Button Day. Did you know they make amazing buttons in Japan.

    1. I have A Friend Like Ed at school, but I mustn't have read it for ages because I've forgotten that. It'll be the first thing I do at school tomorrow. I have my mum's button bottle too and I did write about it and Button Boy before.