Monday, April 29, 2013

29th April Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Thanks to Eric at Happy Birthday Author I now know that today is author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal's birthday. Every time she publishes a new book I am amazed all over again. She is so clever. Where does she get her ideas? Each book is so unique! The children in the my library love Spoon and Chopsticks. What eating implement will be next? Amy obviously likes wordplay. Even her website has interactive features based on words for readers to play with. Do you want it to be windy or rainy? Choose the ambience you would prefer. It is not always easy to find her books in Australia. Her newest I Scream for Icecream is here already, but I still haven't seen Exclamation Mark. This trailer really whet my appetite and I want to see the whole thing. Just as each of her books are unique often the message in her books, whatever the main character may be, is that each of us is special and has much to offer. We shouldn't be discouraged by others or feel that they are better than us. Now that I know I also have to acquaint myself with her books for adults and organise something special display-wise for next year.

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