Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2nd August Alex T. Smith (1985)

I know I've done it again, an entry on the wrong date, but I'm recording this here so that I remember to celebrate Alex T. Smith's birthday next year. Oh to be so young and so talented!  Alex T. Smith is the author and illustrator of the fabulous series that started with Claude in the City which is very popular in my library because these books about the beret-wearing dog are the perfect bridging novels for my readers moving onto chapter books. He has also done picture books and illustrated books for other authors. While my research revealed his birth date it didn't tell me what the T stands for and two children have asked me. I love Ella, an insect version of Cinderella, and Egg so I'm off to get the sequel  to Egg, Catch Us If You Can-Can.

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  1. We love Claude in our library but I had no idea Alex T. Smith had so many other books. More books for my shipping list. Thanks for alerting me to this.