Monday, October 7, 2013

7th - 11th October Humphrey's Pyjama Week

This week across the UK,  children will be wearing their pyjamas to school and preschool.  Each child donates £2 to wear their pjs and all the money raised goes towards The Children's Trust, a charity that provides care, education and therapy to children with disabilities and complex health needs. The children will participate in a number of fun and educational themed activities. Humphrey from Humphrey's Corner,  a book by Sally Hunter is the mascot and inspiration for the day.
I wish this was something we did in Australia. The children who frequent my library love Humphrey, his books and the two toys we have for borrowing. Last term the teachers wore their pyjamas to school one day as reward for raising so much money for the Heart Foundation. On a whim we said to the children if you raise x amount of money, which was a very large amount and we thought unachievable we would wear pyjamas to school and what do you know the children did it so we had to wear pjs. It was lots of fun!
If wearing pjs to school is out of the question, then at least get the Humphrey books out on display and read picture books that feature pyjamas like:
Llama Llama Red Pyjama by Anna Dewdney
Polly Jean Pyjama Queen by Steve Webb
Polly's Pink Pyjamas by Vivian French and Sue Heap
Timothy and the Strong Pyjamas by Vivianne Schwarz 
Whose Pyjamas? by Maisie Munro and Leonie Worthington 

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