Thursday, February 13, 2014

14th February Library Lovers Day

It is not Valentine's Day tomorrow. It is Library Lover's Day!
There is just so much to love about your library. My school library was just so busy this afternoon, full of parents and children reading while they waited for older siblings, borrowing books to read for the Premier's Reading Challenge and just generally enthusing with others about what the library has to offer them. At one stage there were ten parents in the queue at the circulation desk and I could not see the door! A teacher dropped in to borrow and ended up staying to help with 'crowd control' and shelving. She will know next time not to pop in between 2.45 pm and 3.45pm if she doesn't want a job.

Preschool lessons started yesterday. The four year olds were just so excited about coming to the library to borrow a book. We had fun with Pete the Cat, sang his song, talked about why he had odd shoes  and a heart  on his blue coat and then borrowed books. We had mothers come in today to tell us that their child had the book out of the bag and was wanting it read before they even had afternoon tea. Another was pleased that her child could sleep tonight and would no longer be asking 'when is it library day?' They feel so grown up coming to the library without a parent! It is so easy to make four year olds love the library.

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  1. The excitement of children visiting your library shines through this post. We also celebrated Library Lovers day with lunch time craft activities and lots of stickers just like the one here on your post. I love your last sentence. I also find it is easy to see how much five year-olds love the library too!