Wednesday, March 26, 2014

26th March Purple Day

Purple Day is an international day dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy.

Do you need an excuse to revisit Harold and the Purple Crayon and to have fun drawing with purple? Well here it is. Get out the library's many copies of this classic book and its spin-offs and have a purple day!  While you're at it here are two other 'purple' books to add to the fun.

And if you need to explain epilepsy to children the series that stars the Great Katie Kate has a book about epilepsy.


  1. I didn't know this about epilepsy. We just bought a new copy of Harold and it is a huge size which is great. I also like Purple snow. I heard an interview recently where Kevin Henkes talked about why he wrote Lilly's purple plastic purse... A terrific book. We also have Purplicious which I thought would be awful but is actually quite a fun book. My year one classes are going to talk about colours next term and they have picked an old favourite of mine Hailstones and Hallibut bones. It has a purple poem.

  2. Thanks. I forgot about Purplicious. I don't know how. All of the Pinkilicious books are always out of the library. I also have Purple Snow, but only think of it when the Jacarandas are flowering. I had great fun with kindy, drawing with only purple.