Thursday, April 24, 2014

25th April ANZAC Day

I have written about Anzac Day before here, but so many new picture books have been published since then that will help teachers and families share the significance of this day that I felt I should update my list. The new books probably have been initiated by publishers in readiness for next year, the 100th Anzac Day, but never the less many of them are memorable. A few weeks ago at a CBC event a publisher had the dummy for another book that is about to come out. I can't remember the title, author or illustrator, but the story made me cry. A young man goes off to war and is killed. His injured mate brings his coat home to his wife and as you can imagine she is shattered. I will find sharing this one very hard, but I have just read Lightning and another one about a horse that was in the battlefields and the two about dogs and I can see the students reading them and being moved by the love between the soldiers and their animals. See the list here on Pinterest and if you want an annotated list look here at Momo's list.

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  1. I might be wrong but my memory of the war and coat one that is not yet published was that it might have been by Margaret Wild. I can't find it but I agree it was very very moving. Thanks for the link to my list which is growing.