Thursday, August 21, 2014

21st August Book Week Part 4

Another Book Week initiative that has been a big success is the the wide reading contract that we handed out at the beginning of term. Many of the students had completed the Premier's Reading Challenge,  then read another thirty books so that they could have lunch with the principal in the 'secret garden', so many of them were looking for a new directive. This grid directed their reading for pleasure. Many parents used it as a guide when borrowing from the library too. We had a large bin of textless books, another of picture book biographies, and yet another of graphic novels and toon books which made it easy to locate the books. As each activity was completed the box was coloured in or crossed off. When completed the students brought their grid and a photo of themselves reading to the library for a small reward (a goody bag with eg. a bookmark, sticker, rubber and badge). The photos are on display pegged onto ribbons in the library. The students in extension literacy classes had to do it and record on the back the titles of some of the books they read for certain categories. Many teachers and parents commented on how it made students vary what they read and look at things they may never usually contemplate reading.





in the car

to Mum

a non-fiction book

a book that became a movie


a book with a blue cover

with a friend, a book they recommend

A wordless book

in the dark with a torch

a book with chapters

in the kitchen

a book with your name in it

a book that won an award the year you were born

at the library

something on a Kindle, computer or iPad

in your pyjamas

listen to a story

a book based on a true story or a biography

some riddles or jokes

a book published this year

some poetry

with Dad

a comic, toon book or graphic novel

a book from a series
Return completed grid to the library with a photo of you reading from one of the boxes.

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