Wednesday, December 17, 2014

17th December Raul Colon (1952)

Recently I purchased this wonderful new wordless picture book called Draw! It was illustrated by Raul Colon. I wondered why I had never seen any other books by this illustrator. I looked on the library catalogue and found that we did in fact, already have five other books by him. I was surprised because to me Draw! stood out as being 'new', very refreshing and very different. Of course the other titles were beautifully illustrated and well worth a look, but this one is his alone and I think this book is outstanding.

Researching further I found out that today is his birthday and that I hadn't written about him on the blog before. Here you can learn more about him and his 'scratchy' art. Here is an interview with Raul where he explains the backstory for creating Draw! It could be used with a class. His biographies are wonderful, but his life sounds like it would make a good biography too!

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