Monday, February 16, 2015

16th - 22nd February Chip Week

Only in Britain could they celebrate chips, but I'm sure Australians probably eat just as many chips, so we too, could celebrate Chip Week. We have more books with 'chip' in the title than I thought we would too. We have two picture books:

The Best Chip by Kate Leake
Don't Dip Your Chips in Your Drink, Kate! by Caryl Hart & Leigh Hodgkinson

And two chapter books, both from popular series:

Super Cat and the Chip Thief by Jeanne Willis
Monster and Chips by David O'Connell

So tomorrow in one part of the library there will be pancake stories for Pancake Day and elsewhere chip books for Chip Week.

Let it Rip Potato Chip!

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  1. Yum chips. Sadly I only have one of your listed titles but I do have Chicken Chips and Peas. Wish I had your energy to set up a display every day.