Sunday, December 20, 2015

22nd December Merry Christmas from Tomie de Paola

It is very easy to 'do' Christmas reading by just collecting together any Tomie de Paola picture books at hand. In the process you will also learn so much about Christmas traditions elsewhere in the world, about being grateful, about enjoying Christmas and about Tomie de Paola's fascination with Italy and Christmas.

The stories do not need to be read in any particular order, but if you have been eating panettone in the lead up to Christmas it is good to read Tony's Bread  and see where panettone came from and why. If your house is decorated with poinsettia you need to read The Legend of the Poinsettia. I like the way Old Befana explains epiphany and why Italian children get gifts then. My preschool classes who often put on a Christmas play relate well to  The Christmas Pageant. I have included Tomie's new book Look and Be Grateful which strictly speaking is not about Christmas and may well be used more for Thanksgiving, but here in Australia where Thanksgiving isn't a celebration I think this is a good sentiment for Christmas discussions.

Merry Christmas! May the holiday be meaningful, family-and-reading filled.

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  1. I only have four of these. Tomie has such a joyous style. I gave The Legend of the Poinsettia to a teacher last week with some felt flowers and a fake little plant too. I like your "new" round edged book covers.