Thursday, April 6, 2017

7th April International Beaver Day

It is nice that there is an International Beaver Day, but I do wonder why because not everywhere has beavers. We certainly don't in Australia. For me they fall in the same category as otters and raccoons, cute looking and make great book characters, but I've never seen a real one. I'd like a plush toy one to go with the books in the library. It is always easier to get a book to leave the library if it has an accompanying toy.

We have these books and all have a good story with a message to impart that is worthwhile, but not heavy handed.


  1. Did you know I adore Beavers? And yes I did see one in the distance and as the sun had almost set in Alberta. He even jumped into the river and I heard his tail splash. Little Beaver and the echo is a terrific book to read aloud. I don't have any of your other titles but I do have a few Non Fiction books about Beavers. I amazed you don't have a toy one. Even though we don't have beavers I like to talk about them. So cute and industrious.

  2. This one looks cute but he in in America!