Friday, June 9, 2017

9th June Don't ...

Earlier in the year we had a display in the library of books with 'No' as the title. We did it as a joke initially because one of us said, "I wish someone would just say 'no' to these kids!"But, it was a big success. We'd hear the children, even preschoolers reading the titles with all sorts of different intonation. Then this past week we put out all the books in the library that say 'Don't Open this Book'. It was so sweet watching the children go up to the book read the title and prevaricate. Some came to ask if they could. Others tried to peep. Some said I'll borrow this and open it at home. Having only under eight year olds is so nice sometimes!

It was such a success that we then went looking for other titles that gave an instruction starting with 'don't' or 'do not'. Here's what we found and all but three were out of the library by yesterday!


  1. I adore this idea. I don't (ha ha) have many of the books on your post but I thought of Don't forget to come back, Don't step on the crack, I don't care said the bear, Don't cross the line and Don't let a spoonbill in the kitchen. Do not open this book is one of my favourite books to loan to a child! Thanks for this idea.

  2. Thanks. I too had more such as those you mentioned, but picmonaey only fitted 25 and so put in those that have left the library!