Sunday, November 5, 2017

11th November Origami Day

Origami Day was first observed in Japan. It honours the ancient art of creating objects from square pieces of paper.

The origami crane is one of the most recognized origami models around the world.

Amazing objects have been made that are indeed works of art, but at school we will be celebrating by making much simpler animals and having the children who are adept at origami teach their peers. When they have made a recognisable animal there is such a sense of achievement. 

We have a large number of books in the craft section of the library which give students ideas about what is possible, but we also have books where origami is central to the story or poetry in the book. Of course we have Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes  in picture book format but there are other picture books as well. See these:
Origami Heart by Binny
Wild Weather  by Thomas Kingsley Troupe (this is one book in a series called Origami Science Adventures)
Fold Me a Poem by Kristine O'Connell George and Lauren Stringer
• The Paper Crane by Molly Bang
Yoko's Paper Cranes by Rosemary Wells 
Little Oh by Laura Krauss Melmed
Tree of Cranes by Allen Say (just perfect for the run-up to Christmas)
• Peace Crane by Sheila Hamanaka
More-igami by Dori Kieber
Butterflies for Kiri by Cathryn Falwell
Float  by Daniel Miyares
The Fog by Kyo Maclear and Kennard Pak
Mole and the Newspaper by Laurence Bourguignon

Origami, Poems and Pictures  by The British Museum would make a wonderful present as it comes with the paper and it becomes a family reading, viewing and doing activity.

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  1. Thanks for this list of origami books. I really like this ancient craft. I need to add many of these titles to my every growing book shopping list.