Thursday, October 4, 2018

10th October World Porridge Day

World Porridge Day celebrates that wonderful Scottish breakfast...porridge or oatmeal. Porridge appears in so many children's stories and picture books, probably as it is the epitome of warmth, family and comfort. Two of the best known porridge stories are traditional tales that appear in a large number of picture book versions - Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Magic Porridge Pot.  Every child has read a version of these, even if it was simplified to become a 'reader'.
There are other fun titles though which feature porridge so it will be easy to celebrate by cooking and  eating porridge while reading a book!

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  1. I adore porridge. I have mine with brown sugar and sultanas and if I am feeling thin I might add a little cream. Thanks for this post. I had not seen any of your featured books. This would make a fun focus for classes exploring a food theme - a day of porridge books!