Friday, April 9, 2010

10th April Martin Waddell (1941) David A. Adler (1947)

Isn't it amazing that Martin Waddell was born one day after Nigel Gray, in Ireland too? I wonder if they know each other. Martin Wardell needs no introduction. Every child knows him because of his Little Bear books, Owl Babies and Farmer Duck.They are 'classics' already and I am sure they will still be read long after Martin and I have given up reading to children.

Martin said in an interview cited by Walker Books, "I was read to a lot as a child by people who knew how to read stories. These stories came alive for me, and the love of story has stayed with me ever since." It is because of this, I feel that he is the consummate story teller. His books come alive when they are read, even by a poor reader so if they are read by a good reader they become memorable and beg then to be reread often. I have had the pleasure of hearing Martin read aloud twice, once to children at my school and despite the Irish accent the children were riveted. There was was over 100 children in the room and they were all mesmerised.

There is so much about Martin and his books on the Internet, that I don't feel the need to write more, but if you only know the books listed above, seek out others such as Little Mo, Snow Bears, It's Quacking Time, The Pig in the Pond and The Tough Princess.

David A. Adler first came to my notice with the Cam Jansen series of short novels for newly fluent readers. I hadn't noticed his name before this, but now I know he has written many picture books as well, one of which is very appropriate for tomorrow. More then.

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