Tuesday, April 27, 2010

29th April Jill Paton Walsh (1937)

When I was at school, there didn't seem to be that many books specifically for children, but at High School I read Fireweed and Goldengrove and then had to read more by Jill Paton Walsh. She seem to know exactly what girls my age wanted to read! She is a very versatile British author who writes for adults, teens and very young children and in a variety of genres. I don't have many of her books in my library as it caters for children under eight, but she does do picture books. We have three
Connie Came to Play illustrated by Stephen Lambert
When I Was Little Like You illustrated by Stephen Lambert and
When Grandma Came illustrated by Sophy Williams
Each of these looks at close family connections and reinforces themes pertinent to the very young.

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