Thursday, March 17, 2011

17th March Lilian Moore (1909 - 2004) Wendell Minor (1944) Patrick McDonnell (1956) Keith Baker

How did I miss all of these St Patrick's Day birthdays last year?


I left my head
Put it down for
a minute.
Under the
On a chair?
Wish I were
to say
Everything I need
in it!

Lilian Moore is an American poet and author. She began her working life as an elementary school teacher, became the first editor for Scholastic's Arrow Book Club and went on to become a poet and writer for very young children. Her poems are perfect for children. It is so hard to decide which is my favourite. I love I Left My Head, something I seem to have done a lot lately! I never cease to be struck when I read the last line of Beach Stones...Why did we bring them home? I did exactly that yesterday. I brought home three very smooth, very flat shiny stones and I looked at them on the bench this morning and could recite Lilian's poem in my head. Similarly when walking on the beach collecting those stones I thought of that very clear image of the wrinkling water in Until I Saw the Sea. Tomorrow I will take Lilian and Jill McElmurry's I'm Small and Other Verses off the shelf and share those wonderful, everyday experiences of peanut butter, fingerpainting and playing with friends with my Kindergarten class.

The other three wonderful illustrators will need to wait till tomorrow!

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