Friday, March 18, 2011

19th March National Quilting Day

National Quilting Day is celebrated on the th
ird Saturday in March in America. I'm not sure we have an equivalent here in Australia, but as there is a keen quilter working in the library with me, we have a wonderful collection of books that feature quilts and we often use her quilts as part of our displays. The stories that accompany the quilt books usually celebrate themes such as community, family, memories, sharing, kindness and giving so they make ideal discussion starters and often lead to a myriad of craft activities. Among the 'quilt' books in our library are the following picture books:
The Quiltmaker's Gift and The Quiltmaker's Journey by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail DeMarcken
The Patchwork Quilt by Valerie Flournoy and Jerry Pinkney
Granny's Quilt by Penny Ives
The Quilt Story by Tony Johnston and Tomie dePaola
The Quilt by Ann Jonas
The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco
The Patchwork Path by Bettye Stroud and Erin Susanne Bennett
The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
And of course there are all those beautiful books of poems where the illustrations are quilts made by author/ illustrator Anna Grossnickle Hines. Her newest is poetry about peace called Peaceful Pieces.

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