Friday, June 29, 2012

30th June Malachy Doyle (1954) Petr Horacek (1967)

I was going to write about something else but when I looked at the date, I felt compelled to write about two books I have read recently by authors who have their birthday today.

Firstly, Malachy Doyle.
I have been searching out books to use with my preschoolers while the Olympics are on. I looked for books about races, sports, good sportsmanship etc and came across Digger and Lew by Malachy Doyle and Daniel Howarth. Digger is a mole and Lollopy Lew, a hare. The story starts a bit like the hare and the tortoise with the hare bragging and the mole being annoyed by his behaviour. Digger, the mole comes up with a plan to beat Lew. What happens will give readers plenty to discuss. Did mole cheat? Is what he did ethical?

I plan to use this together with books such as The Hare and the Tortoise, The Best Beak in Boonaroo Bay, (Narelle Oliver), The Race (Christobel Mattingley) and Lightning Fred (Dick King Smith) to have some lively discussions.

Secondly, Petr Horacek.
Jonathan and Martha is Horacek's newest picture book and like all of his books, this too has stunning illustrations using wonderful collage. This is the story of two worms who both find the same pear. Like Digger and Lew they agree to share and eventually become friends. It too then has an ideal message for the children I teach.

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