Sunday, August 12, 2012

13th August International Left-handed Day

Left-handers Day is held on this day worldwide. It is a day to think of everyone you know who is left-handed. Time to think of all the famous lefthanders. I was surprised to read how many of the champions I have been finding biographies for are left-handed.
Here is just some:
• Artists: Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, henri de Toulouse Lautrec,
Paul Klee and Escher
• Musicians: Mozart, Bach and Schumann
• Author: Lewis Carroll
• Scientist: Albert Einstein
• Saint: Joan of Arc
• Politician: Winston Churchill
• Astronaut: Buzz Aldrin
All of these have books that can be used for inspiration! This book The Cat and the Bird, a story inspired by the life of Klee is new this year.

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