Friday, August 17, 2012

Champions Read 6 - Sport

Another group of champions - this time sport champions. The Olympics are over and we can once again think of all sports and not just the ones that belong in the Olympic Games. Not as many biographies in this category for young children. In my library there were:
• Two on Pele, the great soccer player and these are popular with my good Year 2 readers.
Young Pele: Soccer's First Star by Lesa Cline-Ransome & James E. Ransome.
Pele: The King of Soccer by Monica Brown & Rudy Gutierrez

• Two on cricket. One on Sir Donald Bradman and another on Steve Waugh.
The Boy From Bowral by Robert Ingpen
Tugga: The Steve Waugh Story by Morris Booth & Jo Martin

One about the Australian swimmer, Annette Kellerman
Mermaid Queen by Shana Corey & Edwin Fotheringham

And one on Jesse Owens
A Picture Book of Jesse Owens by David A. Adler & Robert Casilla

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