Sunday, February 24, 2013

24th February Peter Brown

Peter Brown is one of the illustrators who has just been honoured in the Caldecott Medal list for his illustrations in the book Creepy Carrots written by Aaron Reynolds, and today is his birthday. His website offers so much information that can be used with children and I can't wait to share his first book about his dog that he wrote and illustrated when he was six. This will be so inspiring for children who see themselves as writers. Also in an interview here, about his book The Curious Garden, Peter Brown's  answer to the question, 'Do you have any advice for you readers?' is 'Be curious'. What a great focus for a study of his books? I want to put all of his books out for my book club  and then send them off to read and peruse them with that instruction, 'be curious'. Then I would show this video and this one too. When we get together to discuss what they have found I will be able to see where their curiosity has taken them. It would be wonderful to use the See Think Wonder questions as a focus.

What I find admirable from the interviews is that Brown’s goal is simple, “to make books that kids really want to read, to help prevent reluctant readers like myself.”

“I try to make stories that are really fun, but there’s also a bit of a lesson in there, secretly,” Brown admits. “I don’t want to turn kids off, but a story without a lesson is not really a story.” For Brown, it’s connecting with his readers that’s important. “I spend a lot of time thinking about my readers when I’m coming up with a story, and I think I know what my audience needs." 

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