Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)

I love Pancake Day in the library, especially when it is with Kindergarten. Today I had my second lesson with them, so the library experience is still new for many of them and they are so awestruck by it all. We made actions to go with Christina Rossetti's poem Mix a Pancake.

The students were so proud of themselves learning a poem so quickly that they surprised their teacher by reciting it when she came to pick them up.

We also read Princess Priscilla by Stacey Apeitos. My all-time favourite pancake book. It is out of print and shouldn't be. We need to lobby publishers. In this story a feisty young princess outwits a hungry dragon by feeding him pancakes smothered in sleeping potion. The pancakes are delivered by skateboard and lance. The vocabulary is outstanding. So many wonderful words to talk about...drowsy; droop; dungeon; armoury; hollered; bellowed; lugged; potion to mention only a few.

The other good thing is that children and parents borrow cook books on Pancake Day! The children win all round! Fun in the library and fun with Mum and Dad cooking.


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