Saturday, May 11, 2013

12th May Cucumber Day

It is Cucumber Day in Britain. Why on earth would they have a day to celebrate cucumbers? Well this is what the website says:

Initially it might seem like an odd idea for a National Cucumber Day, but when you think about it the role of cucumber makes a lot of sense in our aim to become a healthier nation!

Did you know that a cucumber is 95% water?   And that it's a fruit?!   It comes from the same family as squash, watermelon and courgette/zuchinni.

Cucumber also has many health benefits.  It's a great source of potassium and essential vitamins and restores water to the body. 

So now you know! So celebrate by reading British author, Michael Morpurgo's Cool as a Cucumber!
If you have younger children and you are looking for a picture book Sally Smallwood has a photographic book with the same name.

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