Tuesday, May 21, 2013

23rd May World Turtle Day

For more than a hundred million years, sea turtles have been swimming in the world's oceans. I find that amazing. I even have trouble imagining that length of time. Turtles obviously are designed well if they have been around for that long. They look so graceful and hardy in the water, yet seem to really struggle as hatchlings to get from the sand to the water. Why the two extremes?  Well celebrating Turtle Day encourages us to think about the world of turtles and tortoises and to learn about how to help them to thrive.

Yesterday I collected all the library turtle resources, to put together a display and was surprised to see how much we had. We also have some beautiful soft toy turtles and a Galapagos tortoise which helps attract the children to the books. I like putting together these 'day' displays because it ensures the resources are looked at, at least annually and given the chance to be borrowed. I also took the opportunity to do some weeding, discarding some of the older non-fiction titles as we had plenty of newer books with quality photographs. As I purchase some of the wonderful titles that are coming from National Geographic and that are perfect my young audience it is easy to see why the older books aren't borrowed.

By the end of the day most of the fiction had been borrowed and I was left with only a few of the older non-fiction titles. Overall a successful display and several families will certainly get to think about turtles! Wish they were all this easy. On the other side of the library there is a display for Library Week. Those books aren't going out the door at the same rate!

For the books on display see my pinterest page.

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