Sunday, June 9, 2013

12th June Hilary McKay

Anita Silvey's Almanac says that it is award-winning British author Hilary McKay's birthday on the 12th June. I can't seem to find out what year. Hilary McKay is in the spotlight in my library at the moment because not long ago I purchased a set of the Lulu books and my girls are devouring them. I was looking for series that my Ivy and Bean; Violet Mackerel; Brigid Lucy; Henrietta; Clementine,  aficionados could read and it seems to have worked because they are being circulated very quickly. Thank you Hilary.

Because they are working I am going to also promote her series about Charlie - he's trouble to my boys this week. I have had them for quite a while but they have been forgotten by the boys who are engrossed in series which have  more titles.

The good thing about hooking 7 and 8 year olds onto Hilary's books is that as they get older there will always be other series written by her that they can read later. I didn't know about Paradise House, but it looks to be suitable for my under 8s too so I need to search it out.

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  1. Have your girls also found Keena Ford by Melissa Thompson - these books great fun too. I also adore Clementine.