Monday, June 17, 2013

20th June World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is held every year on June 20. It is a special day when the world takes time to recognise the resilience of forcibly displaced people throughout the world.

On World Refugee Day 2013, we are focussing on the impact of conflict on families through the theme of ‘1 Family Torn Apart by War is Too Many’.

I have written about Refugee Week at length in the past, highlighting a book each day in both 2012 and in 2010.  Except for drawing attention to Sarah Garland's more recent Azzi in Between, I don't have any books I want to write about here. Zoe at Playing By the Book  has written at length about this book here. What was encouraging was the number of people who turned up in Melbourne to support asylum seekers and the comments made in Parliament today by retiring MP Judi Moylan reminding us about how many children are still detained in Refugee Camps in Australia. It should not be acceptable for any child's freedom to be curtailed in this way.

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