Friday, May 9, 2014

10th May Oliver Jeffers (1977)

I love the fact that Oliver Jeffers was born in Australia (in Port Headland WA) even if we can't claim him as Australian. He grew up in Northern Ireland and now lives in the USA and his books are fabulous. His book The Incredible Book Eating Boy  was dramatised at the Sydney Opera House in the Easter holidays and the children at school are buzzing about how good it was. Because of this since school has been back there has been great demand for his other books as well. There is a short film about him on his website which shows the children that he is young and 'cool'..."ooh, he has long hair... he can ride a skateboard...". Many of his books have films or trailers which are perfect for use at school, but the books don't need these to sell them. They sell themselves! Go to the library and see how many books he has produced in the ten years since his first book How to Catch a Star.

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  1. Oliver Jeffers is such a talent. The children's book world is lucky to have him. Students from my school saw The book eating boy as an excursion. These books are always popular. I adore Lost and Found.