Saturday, May 17, 2014

17th May Grace Lin (1974)

I have written about author/illustrator Grace Lin before, but not on her birthday. She lives in America but her parents were Taiwanese and her books reflect her ethnicity. Her picture books both those she has witten for herself and the ones illustrated for other authors such as Roseanne Thong are perfect for the early childhood aged children that I teach. Her books are small, have short texts and bright colours and are the perfect size for small hands. With the new emphasis in our curriculum on Asian perspectives her books  are a welcome addition to classroom libraries.

She has also written  bridging novels such as her stories about twins Ling and Ting, novels for middle school-aged children such as the wonderful Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Starry River of the Sky  and now Abby Colich and Jill Wheeler have both written biographies about her for school students who enjoy her books. What a versatile person Grace Lin is!

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  1. I only recently discovered the little twin series Ling and Ting. I adore Where the mountain meets the moon and now need to read the sequel. Oddly we don't have her picture books so I will add these to my expanding shopping list. Grace Lin is indeed a talent. I saw an interview she did about Where the Mountain so I feel like I have met her.