Sunday, August 7, 2016

7th August Olympic Games and South America

Well the Games have started and the students at school have begun to get keener about borrowing books both about the games and individual sports. Year 2 are studying Greek Myths at the moment so they are busy making links between the Ancient Olympics and the Modern Olympics so I thought I'd make some links in the library for Kindergarten and Year 1 with Brazil so that even more resources had an airing.

What better place to start on Brazil and South America in general than to look at Laurie Krebs' amazing travelogue books. As she herself says, I wrote them because...

"In creating my picture books, I have combined my love of children's literature with my love of traveling to fascinating places. I hope through my series with Barefoot Books to introduce young readers to people and cultures that might be unfamiliar to them."  

I am going to start with We're Roaming in the Rainforest and a map of South America so that we can locate pertinent places.

Then we can read other books, from either Laurie Krebs or ones set in South America such as those on the Pinterest page.

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