Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8th August International Cat Day

I haven't written about any form of Cat Day before because where do I start and finish when talking about children's books about cats, but today I had a thought. This week one of my Year 2 students was reading the picture book biography about Wanda Gag and that gave me reason to pull Millions of Cats  off the shelf to show her. What a good place to start a post about cat books!  This book was first published in 1928 and although illustrated in black and white, young students do still enjoy the repeating refrain and imagining that number of cats. Compare this with a very new 2016 cat' picture book, Brendan Wenzel's They All Saw a Cat which also has a repeating refrain, a clear, crisp cat, but looks very closely at perspective, point of view and subjectivity.

"The cat walked through the world, with its whiskers, ears and paws ...and the child saw A CAT, and the dog saw A CAT, and the fox saw A CAT. Yes, they all saw the cat.' In simple, rhythmic prose and ingeniously stylised pictures, Brendan Wenzel takes young readers on a walk alongside a cat."

And in between these two there has been a myriad of cat books and series of books with a cat as the main character.

Some favourites:
The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss
Mog the Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr
Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine
Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton
Binky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires
Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin and James Dean
Squishy McFluff the Invisible Cat by Pip Jones
Ballet Cat by Bob Shea

And don't forget poetry!
The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear
Cats Sleep Anywhere  by Eleanor Farjeon
Macavity; Mr Mistoffelees; Skimbleshanks by T.S Eliot and Arthur Robins

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