Tuesday, July 27, 2010

28th July Beatrix Potter (1866 - 1943) Jon J Muth (1960)

Jon J Muth is an amazing artist. Everyone of his books is like a new revelation to me. I am awestruck and wonder how he can do such perfect pieces of art. Therefore finding out that he was the son of an art teacher, drew and drew and drew as a child, has studied art in Japan, Austria and America and that he has studied sculpture came as no surprise to me. I love his version of Stone Soup. While it may be very different from the French versions, such as Marcia Brown's, the Chinese setting seems very natural. Three Questions continued my love affair and just recently I purchased his latest offering, City Dog, Country Frog, which is written by Mo Willems. What a duo! This is not what you expect from pigeon and piggie Willems, but this whimsical picture book is a tale of friendship written in five chapters, to correspond to the seasons that the friendship endures. The animals are two very specific characters, not just two animals. They experience great joy, genuine friendship and loss before moving on.

One question - what does the J stand for?

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