Thursday, July 8, 2010

9th July

As it is getting near the end of the World Cup I dismantled the soccer (football) display in the library yesterday. Soccer books are always popular during the winter months with the children at school, especially the boys, but there are always a few girls who play every Saturday too, and they like to see soccer stories where the main character is a girl. There arItalice a number of picture books, as well as the Girlz Rock! and Billie B. Brown series that have addressed this. The most popular soccer novel in the library is Sally Gardner's The Boy With Lightning Feet, one of her Magical Children books. This book is about more than soccer so it is good that it is so popular, but the boys choose to read it because of soccer. It is amazing though to see that many of the better readers will go on to read the other Magical Children titles which are not about soccer.
The soccer series that seem to be the most popular with the fluent Year 2 readers are:
The Team by David Bedford; a series of books about Harvey's team that always loses, but which has his neighbour Professor Gertie constantly inventing things which are supposed to help.
Soccer Squad by Bali Rai; has four titles and is more serious in its soccer content.
The David Beckham Academy by children's authors for Egmont; another series of books each with a different main character who is attending the academy.

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