Friday, August 6, 2010

7th August Betsy Byars(1928) Joy Cowley (1936)

Betsy Byars has written many books, novels such as The Pinballs and The Summer of the Swans which I have read to classes and loved, but most of her books are for children older than the clientele of my library, so it is a while since I have enjoyed an interaction with a class and one of her books.

New Zealander, Joy Cowley, on the other hand writes for my clientele abundantly and many of her books are favourites with the children I teach. Children learning to read just love Mrs Wishy-Washy, Greedy Cat and Nicketty-Nacketty, Noo-Noo-Noo. The humour, the rhythm, repetition and rhyme hooks them in and provides the scaffolding to keep them reading. More recently my better Year 2 readers have discovered Snake and Lizard and its sequel.

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