Friday, August 6, 2010

8th August Jan Pienkowski (1936) Marcia Williams

Marcia Williams' website says to call her Dotty and that is how you feel about her after having perused it! It is like her books, done as a busy comic strip. Her comic strip books usually retell well-known tales from the past, such as Noah's Ark; Shakespeare's Plays; Robin Hood.

Similarly, Jan Pienkowski's website is a wonderful introduction to him and his artwork. His 'trademarks' are pop-up books and the beautiful black silhouette pictures that he has done for books such as The Kingdom Under the Sea; The First Christmas and Easter. He was probably the first to do pop-up children's books and his Haunted House won the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1980. Since then pop-up books have become much more common and cheaper.

In my library though, Polish-born, English illustrator, Pienkowski is synonymous with the Meg and Mog series of books by Helen Nicoll. Every three year old visitor runs straight to the Meg and Mog or Lucy Cousins' Maisy box and then spends ages deciding which books to take home ... they really want to take all of their friends home...even if they have their own copies at home.

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