Sunday, February 20, 2011

21st January Joy Watson (1938)

Today is New Zealand author Joy Watson's birthday. If you want to smile while you read, read Grandpa's Slippers or any of her other four books about Grandpa. Grandpa's antics, the rhythm and repetition make these ideal read-alouds for young children. I hazard to guess that Grandpa may well be modelled on Joy's husband, the character seems so authentic, and his wife so patient. There is an interview with Joy here. Each of the stories is illustrated by Wendy Hodder whose illustrations add to the warmth of the characters and the fun of the story. Although Joy and Wendy are certainly responsible for other good books, you must look for:
* Grandpa's Slippers
* Grandpa's Shorts
* Grandpa's Cardigan
* Grandpa's Shed and
* Grandpa's Cat.

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