Tuesday, February 22, 2011

23rd February Francesca Simon (1955) Walter Wick (1953) Sonya Hartnett (1968)

See last year's entry for Francesca Simon.

Walter Wick is the photographer responsible for those wonderful I Spy books. On his website in the Features section you can see how these books were made. It is amazing and awe-inspiring at the same time! He has done other books. I particularly like A Drop of Water and Optical Tricks.

Australian author Sonya Hartnett published her first book when she was only 15 years old. She usually writes for a young audience, but more recently she has ventured into picture books. In 2008 she was the first Australian to win The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award which is an award given to someone in Children's Literature whose work reflects the spirit of Astrid Lindgren. Her debut picture book, published in 2010 was The Boy and the Toy. It is the story of a boy whose father leaves him with a toy for company while he goes away. At first the boy and the get along famously but things change. Hartnett cleverly gets her message across without saying anything too explicitly, that what the toy is doing is quite wrong and what it means to be a good friend. The illustrations, also a first, by Lucia Masciullo an Italian born illustrator who now lives in Australia are detailed enough to show strong emotion in both the boy and the toy.

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