Monday, May 16, 2011

16th May Love a Tree Day

Today the new library that I work in opened to the parents and children for the first time! It was a wonderful day, full of compliments, appreciative users and a renewed enthusiasm for the joy that my job can bring. You may remember that I started keeping this blog because I knew that it would be the last year in the space the library was in. The K - 12 school that I teach at was restructuring its two campuses and the Early Childhood and Primary School were going to be on one site and the secondary school on the other. Initially, discussions occurred pondering amalgamating the Junior School Library and the Early Childhood Library, then housing them adjacent to each other but operating separately. I was keen to stay on ground level so that families with prams had access to the library and eventually this is what happened. In the new purpose-built Early Childhood facility a space was designated 'library'. I was excited because while the space I was in was functional, cosy and easily managed it was cramped and so crowded at times that accidents occurred. It would be so good to have shelves that were not groaning, a work space with more than two chairs and bench space wide-enough to cover books, room for a lounge and child-height displays. Well five terms later we have it and it is truly wonderful. We have all of those things and and natural light in abundance and through those windows we have my favourite things...trees! And at the moment it is Autumn and those trees are losing their leaves. Soon they will be bare and then the children and I will be able to watch them sprout buds and bloom again, an everchanging vista. So as you can see Love a Tree Day was the perfect day for the new library to become fully operational.

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