Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4th May Don Wood (1945) Rod Campbell (1945) Doug Cushman (1953)

Don Wood is an American author illustrator best known for the many books he has collaborated on with his wife Audrey Wood. Everyone knows and loves the cumulative tale, The Napping House.

Doug Cushman is also American. He is an illustrator, best known in Australia probably for his Aunt Eater series of I Can Read books and his illustrations in Douglas Wood's 'The Can't Do' series, but I like to display the book of poems he illustrated for Jack Prelutsky What a Day it was at School!

And the third birthday belongs to the preschool book expert Rod Campbell. Every baby, toddler and school child has loved playing the guess-what-is-under-the-flap games that his books invite. Books such as Dear Zoo quietly teach children to look for patterns, to expect repetition, to enjoy rhythm and to know that books can be fun. And with this comes a need to repeat the experience. Rod campbell pioneered the interactive book and now children have so many interactive books, some very sophisticated, like the -ology books (eg. Egyptology, Oceanology), but Rod Campbell's still draw in the readers of the future.

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