Thursday, May 26, 2011

26th May Adrienne Kennaway (1945)

Adrienne Kennaway was born in New Zealand, grew up in Kenya and now lives in Ireland. While living in Africa she developed an interest in drawing and wildlife and most of her books therefore are about wildlife and the best selling ones, about African wildlife. She illustrates Mwenye Hadithi's alliteratively-titled African animal stories which explain a certain aspect of each animal's behaviour. Crafty Chameleon won her the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1987, but the children I teach like Hungry Hyena and Greedy Zebra best when asked to vote for their favourite. She also is the illustrator of Miriam Moss' series This is the..., the most recent being This is the Mountain, as well as a few animal stories that she has authored herself, such as An Otter's First Swim.

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