Thursday, June 2, 2011

2nd June Michael Emberley (1960)

Happy birthday to Michael Emberley, an American illustrator who lives in Ireland with his Irish wife. He is the son of Ed Emberley, the sister of Rebecca Emberley and the husband of Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick. He is literally surrounded by other illustrators and no doubt influenced by them, but he has many books to his credit. He illustrates Mary Ann Hoberman's wonderful series, for two readers, You Read to Me, I'll Read to You. He is responsible for the illustrations in many of Robie H. Harris' books, my favourite being Happy Birth Day!, the perfect gift for a new baby, and it's sequel Hi New Baby! More recently he illustrated Barbara Bottner's Miss Brooks Loves Books. This book has won read-aloud awards and is particularly good for talking to children about reading tastes and how not every reader needs to like the same books. And as a teacher who is trying to convince children that books are terrific, I just love this picture from Michael's website of the exultant teacher and the child dressed as Shrek.

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