Sunday, June 5, 2011

5th June Caroline Binch (1947) World Environment Day

Caroline Binch is a British author illustrator who is probably best known in my library because of her illustrations for Mary Hoffman's series of books about Grace, a young girl whose mother and grandmother are from Trinidad. She loves stories and has a flair for dramatic play. Caroline likes to illustrate children from Carribean and African families, thus giving young readers an insight into the lives of children who look different from themselves. On her website Caroline explains why when she says that she gets 'inspiration from the people and places around her, and hopes that her stories and pictures will stop and make people think of the world around them (and to see the positives in life instead of the negatives).'

There are always so many books that could be recommended for World Environment Day, but two recent additions to the library that are ideal are from a new series about Maggie and Rose, by Maggie Bolger. Maggie and Rose are two friends who feature with Oscar and Bentley as well, in hours of creative environmental fun. In This Book is Totally Rubbish the children use recycled objects to create art and in This Book Totally Makes Things Grow they grow things and discover there is more to soil than mud pies.

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