Monday, July 18, 2011

18th July Ai-Ling Louie (1949)

Today I put out a display of all the versions of Cinderella that I could find. I started with Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story From China and then collected all the others including fiction such as Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters and Cinder Edna. I was doing this display to go with our Book Week theme, 'One World Many Stories'. Then when I came home I saw that it was the birthday of the author of Yeh-Shen, Ai-Ling Louie. What a coincidence? It is hard to believe that this book is 25 years old either. It is an especially good starting point for looking at other versions of well-known European fairytales, as it is based on ancient Chinese manuscripts that were written a thousand years before the first European version. For a good review of the book see Papertigers. I'll take a photo of the books tomorrow, but meanwhile here are some of the books in the display.

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