Saturday, July 23, 2011

23rd July Patricia Coombs (1926)

When I read that it was Patricia Coombs' birthday I had yearnings for some new copies of her books about Dorrie the Little Witch. It is such a shame that they are out of print and unavailable in Australia. Recently I reluctantly threw out the three that the library still had. They were in such disrepair and so stained that no one would borrow them when there are so many newer, more attractive witch books. But, they certainly are not better stories. One year I had a class of third grade girls who couldn't get enough of Dorrie and Mildred, Jill Murphy's The Worst Witch. They devoured them. I never had all twenty titles but enough to endear Dorrie to my class. The fact that her hat was always crooked and her stockings didn't match meant she was 'a role model' they could aspire to.

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